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Ville Lähde

Lead programmer

Seppo Säämäki

Lead artist & animator

Joni-Petteri Kivistö


Jussi Huhtala


Simo Orpana

UI artist

maiju alatyppö

2D artists

Eeva Majala
Aatu Seppänen
Anu Hautakangas

3D artists

Pauliina Raunamo
Timo Huovila
Lead 3D Artist & Animator
Frak Oy
Nov 2014 – Feb 2018

-Responsible for all art assets.
-Created all the main characters and animation.
-Designed clean and resource optimized animation rig that allowed seamless working between Blender and Unity game engine.
-Designed the character system that allowed switching of armor, accessories, weapons, rag-doll physics and dismemberment.
-Designed a face animation system.
-Created one game level and heavily modified others.
-Optimized art assets, textures and draw calls.
-Created lighting on all game levels.
-Created majority of particle effects including environmental effects and blood splatter.
-Coached over 6 art trainees and edited their work to fit with other art assets.
-Tested the product, helped to fix bugs and to refine the game logic.
-Provided input on decisions made in production and game design.